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The gaff cutter Gaudeamus was built in the German port of Rostock in 1914. After surviving WW I and II, in 1962 she was used by her owner Klaus Schroeder and his family to flee from East to West Germany and for a period of time sailed on Lake Constance. She’s a regular competitor on

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How about a post for today – 25 centenarian yachts are currently signed up for the Voiles de Saint-Tropez.

20 days are left until the start of the 11th edition of the GYC Centenary Trophy 2022. Some yachts have already been featured and all entries shall be presented until then.If your centenarian is not yet seen – please register here ⛵🌬🌞🥂🌊📣👌🤞🏻#CentenarianYachts, #ClassicYachts #Sailing #GYC #GstaadYachtClub #GYCatTheSea #CentenaryTrophy #SaintTropez #ComeUpSlowDown #velas #les_voiles_de_saint_tropez #societenautiquedesainttropez #Tradition @les_voiles_de_saint_tropez #cotedazur

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Lulu – 1897

Lulu is one of the small boats designed by French architect Rabot in 1897. She had several names given to her during her most successful racing career. She even competed in the 1900 Olympics, to be defeated by Bona Fide, the winner of the very first edition of the Centenary Trophy. Lulu sports her name

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Shenandoah of Sark – 1902

After her debut in 2021, the imposing gaff schooner Shenandoah of Sark designed by American Theodore Ferris and launched in 1902, is coming back this year. Her story is interesting, having been seized twice - once during WW I by the British Navy and in the 60’s by the French customs- and owned by British

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Dainty – 1922, 100 this year

Celebrating her 100 anniversary this year, the small but great classic yacht Dainty, was the first of the Sunbeam class. S beautiful classic design, inspired by Basil Lubbock and Alfred Westmacott that has been commissioned every year and always kept in tip top condition, with the hull kept strictly to Alfred Westmacott’s design: no epoxy,

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Wiki 1920

Wiki is an outstanding Ketch Bermudien dated from 1920 and designed by Harry Wustrau sailing under the United States flag and she is the Centenarian debutant at the 11th edition of the Gstaad Yacht Club Centenary Trophy! She is the living prove that even with her age she is still up to new challenges! ⛵🌬🌞🥂🌊📣👌🤞🏻#CentenarianYachts,

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Owned by a Gstaad Yacht Club Member, dated from 1919 this Bermudan Cutter was restored to her former glory and she is sailing for the second time at the Centenary Trophy, Erin is considered to be among the best samples of the beautiful English pre-war designs. It is a perfect delight to see her skillfully

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The beautiful Silhouette is a gaff rigged 8mr designed by William Fife and built in the year 1910 by Abeking & Rasmussen, in Germany. His owner and skipper, Daniel Heine, is a member of the Gstaad Yacht Club, and a true “aficionado” of this prestigious trophy, participating for the sixth time. He enthusiastically explains the

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The 11th Edition of the Gstaad Yacht Club Centenary Trophy

The 11th Edition of the Gstaad Yacht Club Centenary Trophy will take place on Thursday, 29th September 2022 at #les_voiles_de_saint_tropez ! Join us on this one of a kind celebration , where the GYC in partnership with the #societenautiquedesainttropez welcome some of the most beautiful 100 years-old classic yachts to compete for this prestigious trophy!

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Are you ready?

Are You ready and will be onboard? The 11th edition of the Gstaad Yacht Club’s Centenary Trophy is getting closer. It’s been a ten exciting and intense years, check out the event’s history at race-history. Stay tuned for more details, facts and figures of the only sailing race dedicated to one hundred years or more

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