Centenary Trophy

Thursday, 3rd October 2024

The Gstaad Yacht Club Centenary Trophy

Thursday, 5th October 2023
During Les Voiles de Saint-Tropez

We are looking forward to welcoming you to the 12th GYC Centenary Trophy and would kindly ask you to confirm your details and your possible guest for the invitation to the Trophy Giving Ceremony and dinner.


12th GYC Centenary Trophy | Trophy Giving Ceremony and dinner.

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¹ By registering for the regatta competitor grants the Gstaad Yacht Club the unrestricted right and permission to use the name and the image of the boat for any text, photography or video footage of either himself or the yacht he/she is sailing on during the event, to be published or broadcasted in any media whatsoever (including but not limited to Press or Internet), for either editorial or advertising purposes or to be used in press information.


The Gstaad Yacht Club was founded in 1998 by a group of sailor enthusiasts with the vision to “create a unique global yacht club away from the waters, instead of another local club by the waters”. The GYC was regarded with astonishment in the beginning as a club in the mountains without water and meanwhile developed to a club with about 400 members from over 30 different countries. With sailing projects on all levels from juniors to professional sailors and the launch of the Centenary Trophy regatta in 2011 it has become a solid force on the Swiss sailing scene and for classic boats.

Manrico G. Iachia, GYC Commodore, Gstaad Yacht Club

With more than 600 members and organizing fifteen events including the Voiles de Saint-Tropez, the Société Nautique de Saint-Tropez is one of the oldest clubs in France, its origins date back to 1862. Since 2015, the merger of sailing clubs of Saint-Tropez (formerly UST Sailing and SNST) helped to broaden the horizons. Located in two beautiful places, the Club includes several centers of nautical activities: Sailing competition, sailing school and Motor Yachting.

Pierre Roinson - Président, Société Nautique Saint Tropez

The mix of classic yachts with ultra-modern boats is the main feature of the “Les Voiles” and  its true “brand” as are the festival and the many activities on land, wide open to the Tropezians and the public.
Since 2011 during “Les Voiles de Saint Tropez “ a new special challenge has been organized, on Thursday – Jour des Defis. Initiated by the GYC in cooperation with the Société Nautique de Saint-Tropez the Centenary Trophy has been launched as a race for traditional boats aged 100 years and older.

The Centenary Trophy at Les Voiles de Saint-Tropez each year is a celebration of yachting history that lives long in the memory for spectators and participants. To sail on these great old boats is a privilege, to watch them is unforgettable. With the Centenary Trophy, the Gstaad Yacht Club has created a showcase of some of the most important boats afloat.
 “Tying in with the race, Classic Boat magazine is delighted to be partnering with the Gstaad Yacht Club for our Centenarian of the Year trophy, which we award annually to a boat that is now enjoying her second century under sail.”

Rob Peake, group editor, Classic Boat


Alberto Almeida

Event Assistant

Event support, guest relation, PR coordination


Nina Onezhskaya

Club Administration & Communications

Boat registrations, RSVP, guest list, accounting (back office)


Jürg Kaufmann

Image documentation & Film

GYC and Centenary Trophy Official photographer


Cindy Schönrich

Managing Director

Overall management & marketing