Year: 1913 | Shipyard: Grave Yard US
Naval Architect: William Starling Burgess
Sailing Rig: Gaff Sloop | LOA: 16,2
Past Participations: 2017, 2018, 2019, 2021

“Chips is a boat designed by American Starling Burgess in 1913, the same architect who signed Ranger, and other famous America’s Cuppers. Interestingly, those “P Class” look very much like J Class boats because they were designed applying the same Universal Rule created by Nathanael Herreshoff in 1903. When she was launched, the boat was called Onda III, but a banker from N.Y. got her in 1926 after winning a poker match, and renamed her Chips, like “poker chips.”

12th GYC Centenary Trophy

Trophy Giving Ceremony and dinner.


Alberto Almeida

Event Assistant

Event support, guest relation, PR coordination

Nina Onezhskaya

Club Administration & Communications

Boat registrations, RSVP, guest list, accounting (back office)

Jürg Kaufmann

Image documentation & Film

GYC and Centenary Trophy Official photographer

Cindy Schönrich

Managing Director

Overall management & marketing