Year: 1903 | Shipyard: Bristol RI
Naval Architect: Herreshoff
Sailing Rig: Aurique | LOA: 15,02
Past Participations: 2021

“Thirteen identical Bar Harbor 31-footers left the famed Bristol, Rhode Island, plant of the Herreshoff Manufacturing Company in the spring of 1903. Scud is the penultimate built and for this reason on the mainsail reports BA12. They were not unusual boats for their day and were about the smallest sailing craft at just over the minimum waterline length of 30’ that could lay official claim to the title of yacht and thus be eligible to race and cruise with major yacht clubs. Magnificently restored in Italy by The Cantiere Navale dell’Argentario and launched in 2020 for Mr. Patrizio Bertelli.”

12th GYC Centenary Trophy

Trophy Giving Ceremony and dinner.


Alberto Almeida

Event Assistant

Event support, guest relation, PR coordination

Nina Onezhskaya

Club Administration & Communications

Boat registrations, RSVP, guest list, accounting (back office)

Jürg Kaufmann

Image documentation & Film

GYC and Centenary Trophy Official photographer

Cindy Schönrich

Managing Director

Overall management & marketing